Dear users,
Welcome to version 5.5 of the shopping list app. Now after the staggered release everyone should have received this update.


New Features
• Several items can be copied at once
• New setting to always scroll to the current item
• My items can be deleted via swipe
• Automatic backup system (all x starts)
• New option to trigger no action when clicking on a category
• New option to adjust the minimum row height (settings -> item)
• Tags for screen readers for the visually impaired
• New languages (Hebrew, Filipino, Croatian, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic)

• Many elements enlarged for better usability
• Import / export improved (only one file)
• Item loader improved (no flickering and better performance)
• Old backgrounds removed (can still be downloaded from the settings)
• New color picker
• App size reduced further

Bug fixes
• When editing the standard category, the assignments on the list are also changed
• Items from recipes are now sorted into the correct categories
• Fixed picture selection for recipes
• Print list white background now adapts to the amount of text

…and many other small things

Kind regards and stay healthy!