Dear users,

I am happy to introduce version 5.7 of the Shopping List App.
With this version the app has been revised and improved in many details.
The complete changes are too much to list here so I have listed the most important ones below.
Thank you all for using my app and the great feedback over the last years 🙂

New functions
• It is now possible to switch between lists by swiping over the list name at the top
• All messages in the app have been redesigned
• When the list title is swiped down, the main menu opens
• Animation when loading the list (can be deactivated) and on collapsing/expanding the categories
• All fonts available on the device can now be selected (the system font is now selected by default)
• Biometric unlocking of the app can be selected instead of the pattern
• Shake to delete crossed-out items option
• Items that are crossed out can be shown and hidden from the 3 dots menu
• Recipes and recipe items can be renamed
• Strikethrough undone option
• Done button for speech recognition (click on microphone)
• Security check option if the app comes from background
• Performance SDK integrated to better measure the performance of the app on different devices
• In-App Review

• If new inserted item have a assigned standard category but the category is not created on the list yet, they will be created automatically (can be disabled)
• If the voice input is interrupted, the next attempt will still be inserted into the selected category
• Text size for messages can be set
• If an item already exists, the number is increased instead of doing nothing
• New icons for the drag handle and the categories visibility button
• animation for \”nothing here yet\”
• When entering a quantity, the quantity is set directly to 2 when it is increased
• The drag handle can now be used over the entire height
• Analytics, Crashlytics, Performance opt out

• Fixed problems when synchronizing with unknown quantity types
• Fixed speech recognition problems on pixel devices
• Word replacement
• Display error when the category visibility button was disabled and the horizontal bar was enabled fixed
• fixed bug with the quantity types (null)
• fixed reported crashes


To continue accessing your existing backup files, \”.zip\” must be added to the file name.
To continue accessing old recipe photos, they must be copied to the folder \”/Documents/Recipes/\”.

These steps are unfortunately necessary to adapt the app to the new file permission system of Android 11


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