Dear users,

At the Moment the open beta for 5.8 is taking place in the pro version of the shopping list App. Please feel free to join us here 🙂
If you want to get a free promo code for the paid version just contact me.

You can join the test from the pro version playstore page

New functions
• Quantities can finally be specified as a decimal number
• Number of items in the category title (can be switched off)
• Cut items marked via checkbox (like copying)
• “Back to top” scroll button in lists and “my items”
• Empty category option
• Prices can also be specified with commas
• Set your own name for backup files
• Capitalize all items option
• Number increase on re-entry deactivatable
• Offers for German users

• Various small design adjustments (new dialogue, font sizes, etc..)
• Save last used amount type
• Maintain image aspect ratio when using custom background
• “My items” scroll indicator with first letter (when sorted alphabetically)
• Move list to newly created category

• Fixing a zip path traversal vulnerability
• Warped design chooser on large displays

I hope you like the new update 🙂

Take care,


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