Dear Users,

Thank you all for using my app and for your support over the last few years.
Today I’m happy to release version 5.8 of the app, also for the free version. The pro users had the update already installed for a few weeks.

As always, some things have been added and adjusted, but the app will remain as you are used to.Take care,

New functions
• Quantities can finally be specified as a decimal number
• Number of items in the category title (can be switched off)
• Cut items marked via checkbox (like copying)
• “Back to top” scroll button in lists and “my items”
• Empty category option
• Prices can also be specified with commas
• Set your own name for backup files
• Capitalize all items option
• Number increase on re-entry deactivatable
• Offers for German users

• Various small design adjustments (new dialogue, font sizes, etc..)
• Save last used amount type
• Maintain image aspect ratio when using custom background
• “My items” scroll indicator with first letter (when sorted alphabetically)
• Move list to newly created category

• Fixing a zip path traversal vulnerability
• Warped design chooser on large displays

I hope you like the new update 🙂

Take care,

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