To have the contents of your lists stored on a server for convenient sharing, you have to register with an account. 

We are not a curious bunch, so the lists are account-dependent and protected by passwords (to which we do not have access, so if you lose the password you can create a new one, which will be sent to you on the email address you registered with – simply tap Reset password). 


On the first device: 

Go to the three dots menu top right of screen and open the Synchronization tab. Tap ‘Create account’ at the bottom of the screen.

Input your email address (note that we only use your email address for the purpose of password recovery). Set a new password and confirm it. 

And for those with big concerns regarding privacy in the online, you can also use a fake email. Keep in mind that there’ll be no resetting the password in case you forget it. Not to jinx it, but… “We told you so”! 😉

Confirm you have read the Privacy policy and that you agree with it. Tap ‘Create account’. 

Under ‘Releasing a list’, tap on the list name to select the list you wish to release to another device, then tap Release. 

The list now appears below, with the status ‘Online’. You can change the status of a list or delete it at any time. Please note that when a list is set to ‘Offline’ and then ‘Online’ again, the existing local lists will be overwritten by the online list. This is to say that any changes that have been made to the lists while they were in Offline mode will be permanently lost! WE CAN’T HELP YOU THERE, HONEST!

Please note that when you choose to delete an online list, by tapping on the Trash can, it only means Synchronization is terminated across all devices. Local lists will not be lost. Releasing the list again after this step will not overwrite the local lists already on the devices. 


On any subsequent devices: 


Type in the email address corresponding to the account you used to register on the first device, and the password associated with it. 

Under ‘Online lists’, make sure you set the slider bar to Online. Now the two lists are in sync, and they will reflect any changes made to them by either party, in real time. 

You can see the lists that are currently synced under the three lines menu (top left of the screen). They are marked by a blue cloud outline. 

We know how life-saving lists can be, so to prevent any accidental overwrite and subsequent loss of data, we strongly recommended you not to toggle between offline/ online once the lists are in sync.