Never find yourself in doubt in front of the shelf again. Was it one bottle of milk and two bottles of wine? Or the other way around (said no one ever!)?
To set a quantity, press and hold your desired item (I’m looking at you, wine) and select “Set quantity”. Tap the +/- buttons under the “Set quantity” label, or input it manually for added speediness. 

*For the time being you can only set full values, so feel free to adjust the quantity in the nearest format (1500g instead of 1.5kg) pressing the + and – buttons

Press OK when you are happy with the values.
To prevent the accidental addition of 2 pieces of sugar to your list, when you obviously meant 2 KILOS, you can set the quantity type (default is piece) by tapping the + button and inputting your own description on the new “Create new type” screen.

To switch between types easily, you just have to tap on the “Quantity type” field and you’ll be presented with a list of all previously entered types from which you can select the appropriate option.

Press OK when you are happy with the changes.
OK, all those slow cart pushers in aisle 5 just made us realize it’s going to be a long day. This asks for extra supplies, so why not make that 2 bars of chocolate instead of 1? Chocolate doesn’t ask questions, chocolate understands… 😉

We’ve got you covered: to edit quantities for the items on your list, just tap on the quantity field below your item to make necessary adjustments in a snap.