The app can be as simple or as complex as your needs! Isn’t that great?

At its very basic, the app opens with a new default empty list, intuitively named “Shopping list” 😊
Then you add categories to it, to keep everything neat and organized: three dots menu – Categories.
Then you can add your items directly into their assigned categories, to be even more convenient! Simply tap the name of the category and start dictating. If you’d rather type everything in, make sure you go to Settings – Categories – Input mode for click on category and adjust the default to one of the three available modes: Speech recognition (default) – for dictating items, Manually – for typing it all in, or Nothing – so that nothing happens when tapping the category name.
To add a quantity and a price to your item, please touch and hold the item and then select Set price/ Set quantity from the sub-menu.
To add uncategorized items to your list, you can either tap the mic icon at the top of the screen (if you’d rather dictate your items) or the + icon (if you’d rather type them). You can still add those to a category later if you hold and drag the = symbol next to each item. If you cannot see the symbol, enable it from Settings — Items — Show strokes to move.
When at the store, simply tap the items as you buy them and they will become crossed off. You can set them to move out of the way, to the end of the list, if you go to Settings – List – Crossed off to the end of the list. Tap the item again to reactivate it. As you do so, it will resume its original position within the list.
To delete items, you simply swipe them to the right. Make sure you enable the Undo feature to prevent accidental deletions: Settings – List – Enable Undo function. In the same menu, tap Time to undo and set the duration the Undo button will remain visible at the bottom of your screen (expressed in seconds)
If you need help with any of the features, or for general questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us within the app: three lines menu – Help/Support – Mail (or write us directly at We’d love to hear from you!