If you have to move your data to a new device, please note you have three different ways of doing so:

1. Use the backup feature (this will transfer all your lists & settings):

Settings –> Backup –> Export

Then move the exported file to your new phone and import it.

Settings –> Backup –> Import

2. If you only want to transfer your lists you can use the share feature. Please note you have to repeat the action for each of your lists, as you have the option to only share the current list.

Three dots menu top right –> Share current list (for example via email) after that select all the text on the new phone and share it into the shopping list app.

3. Synchronization

1. Open the synchronization (3 points menu top right -> Synchronization)
2. Create an account
3. Please log in on any device using this account
4. Release a list on the first device
5. On any other device, enable the desired list for synchronization