First, swipe!

To delete an item, you swipe right. Right, not left, we’re not on Tinder anymore 😊

To delete a category, you swipe right. You are given an option to also remove the items in the category as well, in which case press OK. If you wish to keep the items and only remove the category heading, please tap Cancel. 

For the more conservative of us, there’s still the classic Trash button. To enable the Trash button, please go to Settings – Item – Show button to delete. 

For fun and variation, you can also tap and hold items and select Delete from the sub-menu. 

If you need to bulk delete items, you can enable this feature from Settings – Item – Checkboxes to delete. Once you check multiple items, a Trash bin appears at the top of the screen and there they go down the trash chute. 

If you feel remorseful, you can bring them back, however. Check the FAQ section detailing the newly introduced Undo function