All the data in this app is stored on your phone. This means that if anything happens to your device, there is no way you can restore the content of the lists! If you want to back-up your data, you can transfer it for safe storage to another device. Just follow the steps below:

    1. To back-up your data, please go to Settings — Backup and tap “Export”

Since you’re here, you can customize the Directory where the back-up files will be saved into. Simply tap on Directory and then select a different folder to store your back-up files into. By default, the files go into the folder called ShoppingListBackup in your phone’s internal memory.

    2. Connect your phone to a PC / choose Media USB Type

    3. Open the folder containing the app back-up files

    4. Copy the most recent back-up file

    5. Go to a safe location on your PC and paste the back-up files.

If you wish to transfer your data to a new device, please connect it to the PC and then move the files into the ShoppingListBackup folder of the new device. On the new device, go to Settings — Back-up and tap “Import”.