If you’re going on a shopping spree and rush to add items to your list on your way to the car (we don’t judge, it happens), here’s a practical way to mark your items faster.  


Tap on the barcode icon at the top of the screen. Scan the barcode on the desired item and see it magically added to the list.

Well, when I say magically… First, you will be asked to give a name to your newly added item. Then the item by that name will be added to the list. Next time you scan the same barcode, the item will be added to the list automatically.

If the magic fails to happen, make sure you’ve taken care of the behind-the-scenes: Settings – Barcodes and make sure everything is ‘activated’. 


If the magic still fails to happen, write us an email at support@shopping-app.net and we’ll make sure to force that bunny out of the hat for you 😊